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Your business requires massive results from your internet marketing efforts.  This is what we do.  Our commitment to you is to provide you with the results you're looking for through Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Re-marketing, Social Media, Remnant buying and Page One Asset Acquisition.
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The air up here is rarefied! We only work with businesses, companies and brands that are committed to being the best in their vertical.  Just imagine when 2 forces who are committed to being the best join together... We will drive new client acquisition; You will amaze them with your products & services!
Online Marketing with No Subscriptions Required - Ever.

Contracts… Really?

Your business will NEVER have to sign a subscription contract to continue service with us for a mandatory period of time.  That is so 2007! You will stay because of the EXTREME talent we bring to bear. Why would your business ever stay with a marketing firm that did not deliver 100% Satisfaction?
Good Fit = SEO Power

Good Fit = Success

Massive results require discernment. We take a very limited number of clients - PERIOD.  We know you want the best and are willing to pay for it, which is why we are so selective when it comes to accepting clients. It should be important to you (as it is to us) to take a moment to be sure we are a good fit when it comes to initiating our relationship together.

Our Clients Say It Best! Now, Just Imagine If You Could Say These Same Things About Your Internet Marketing Company

Mark is a contributing member and speaker at Austin SEO Meetup. The group is comprised of hundreds of SEOs and Online Marketing professionals at all levels of expertise. We invite knowledgeable and experienced SEOs to teach and speak about the latest algorithm changes and current best practices in Internet Marketing. Mark not only contributes, but brings radical advanced strategies to the attention of members.”

Scott True - Owner at Scott True Marketing

Mark is dedicated to making sure his clients get the best service possible based on their needs, not his agenda. Mark is trustworthy and honest and has an incredible sense of ethics. Doing business with Mark makes you wonder how any of his competitors stay in business!”

Mike Obremski - CEO & Founder at Genesis Unlimited

Mark has been doing our on-line marketing since 2011. I’ve used many internet marketing companies over the years, but none have given me the results that Mark consistently produces for my businesses. Mark’s creativity and depth of knowledge are truly impressive. Mark and his team are absolutely the best and worth every penny. Highly recommended!

I don’t usually write to anyone for the proverbial “Pat on the Back”. Holding a doctorate in Computer Sciences I have rarely found anyone that deserved it. But, sir, my hat is off to you. Your skills and knowledge in everything Internet impressed me enough to write this. I learned more in one consulting hour with you than I had gathered and researched on my own for the many years I have been in the IM game. Your SEO skills alone are worth many times more than you’re charging me, Thank You!”

Dr Randy Fogg - CEO & Co-Founder of

Are You Looking for the Online Marketing Agency that You Always Wanted, But Never Knew You Could Have?

Online Marketing Agency , MarketingPOV CEO Mark LyneMarketingPOV is an online marketing agency that can build your brand, your business and your online presence.  We know what we’re doing; and we do what we say.

Howdy, my name is Mark Lyne, and while you may not have heard of me until now, I have been busy doing what many consider to be impossible – I create massive online presence for brands and businesses to engage new and existing clients in ways that grow revenue.

My experience as a business owner and entrepreneur along with relationships I have with world-class internet marketers from all over the globe keeps me on the bleeding edge of what is required to drive results for my elite clientele.

My teams create vast opportunities and massive return under my direction.  I know what to do; when to do it; and why it needs to be done.  When I unleash my teams they are unstoppable.

MarketingPOV is A Unique Online Marketing Agency

To be clear, we do not operate in the same realm as other “SEO Experts” – you will not see endless reports about your page rank, or how many back links your site has, we will not waste your time droning on about Google’s latest change and why they suck.  What you will see from me and my team are massive returns on your investment that build month after month.

Remember, MarketingPOV clients are never required to sign a subscription based contract – if you’re not happy, we want you to be able to move on.
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Best of Citysearch Winning Laser Spa Finally Reaches Page One After Years of Trying, and NOT with Just One Listing.

none have given me the results that Mark consistently produces for my businesses. – Paul, Spa Owner

Don't waste years with a discount online marketing agency. Choose MarketingPOV instead

When it comes to internet marketing these days, everything is intertwined and what many brands and business owners do not realize is that when you go with a “discount” firm to handle your internet marketing and online presence, you run enormous risk of never being able to achieve visibility on page one without massive work.

Do not lose hope, as you can see from our efforts with the Laser Spa above, due to my expertise, street smarts and experience, we were able to more than overcome the efforts of the discount firms to totally destroy their brand.

We were able to quickly create many solutions to begin improving their bottom line, but it took months of consistent effort for my team to overcome the poor practices that their main branded site had been subjected to – even so, we have been successful and now they enjoy tons of page one listings for their target demographic’s favorite search terms.

Even if you are not a good fit and we cannot take you on, do NOT fall for schemes and poor practices when it comes to your business and brand – You have worked too long and too hard to leave it to a cheap firm offering cheap services.

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So, will we be a good fit?

  • You must be willing to invest in your success. We are not cheap, but we will do the hard work so you’re seen and receive growth to your bottom line
  • You must be willing to pay for consulting. You do not want us wasting our time training you to take over, you want us creating MASSIVE OPPORTUNITIES for your brand and business
  • You must be looking for a long term relationship with me and my team. We are not the firm you want if you are just looking for a way to fix some code on your site.
  • You must be willing to be out here with us on the BLEEDING EDGE of online presence and internet marketing – it is where we live and the water is warm!

One last thing…

  • You must be willing to listen to my recommendations and make decisions quickly. You do not always have to agree, but, to create the kind of opportunity we are talking about requires you to be willing to change what has not worked for you in the past.

If you are the “best of the best” when it comes to your business and the products and services you offer and if you are excited about working with a high value : high return internet marketing strategist; if you are part of the top 5% of brands and business owners, there is NOTHING that we cannot accomplish together!

Contact me via the form below and let’s begin making you money.

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